Surface One is the first thermal spray coating machine, designed to enhance the properties of surfaces for example to improve heat and corrosion resistance. Compared to conventional systems, Surface One combines all necessary components in one standardized compact design. This significantly speeds up configuration and installation and ensures reliable and repeatable coatings. The machine fits into a shipping container and requires 20% less floor space. Errors and costly rework are minimized by guiding operators through the coating process. In addition, operator exposure to potentially harmful substances is significantly reduced.

The new user interface can be customized to the user role and can be operated intuitively, even by color-blind users. The size of important process indicators can be increased for easy recognition from a distance so operators can multitask. Operators are guided step by step through setup and operation of the coating process thus avoiding errors that could result in rework and reducing training requirements. The app based user interface can be easily expanded at any time to add new functionalities.

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