Pandora is the world’s first self-driving car all-in-one hardware/software perception solution. As the eye of the driverless vehicle, it contains the most two important sensors in a compact package – round view cameras and a LiDAR. It is mainly used to collect and analyze the data of 360° field of view.
Based on the software algorithm and data synchronization of Baidu Apollo program, Pandora helps autonomous-driving developers build an integrated solution, thus significantly promotes the accessibility of the technology.
The product features superior accuracy and performance in object detection, tracking, and classification, which are crucial in automated driving assistance and collision avoidance.
This design will solve the main pain points for the autonomous driving industry:
1. Eliminate error introduced by asynchronous triggering
2. Eliminate sensor geometric calibration process
3. All-in-one package and expedited installation process
4. Out-of-the-box, plug-and-play
5. Ultra-light and compact
This simplistic design was inspired by an ancient lighthouse with multiple sub-structures forming a 360° visibility, while it remains unidirectional appearance for its symmetry.

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