MV series HD LED Screen with Innovative Curve Design: suitable for New Production Launch Conference, Stage show, High-end conference and other stage background.
MV curved panel breaks technology bottlenecks of Narrow Pixel Curve LED screen design. Due to the innovative design of the curve side locks and Auto-suspension & lock-up design, it takes only 4 steps by one man to complete the accurate positioning, installation and lock up process with 30% speed increasing. Snap-in design of module masks highly promoted the uniformity and flatness of screen surface. Magnets applied on each module achieve rapid module front-maintenance which makes modules be both front and rear service. Intelligent memory chips applied in each module, when replacing modules, intelligent adjustment will be processed within panels to eliminate the color differences between modules to achieve the best displaying effect.
All in all, proved by all the practical cases by far, MV series cabinet has greatly improved user experience of the product, reduced operation and maintenance costs, promoted the installation efficiency of the installation and created commercial value.

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