The design concept for smart stage screen „Mate“:
Mate is a smart screen designed speically for stage set-up, simple and quick debugging, low-cost operation and maintenance to enhance the use of experiences.
1. Mate is a modular smart stage screen, including modular control box, modular arc-lock, modular frame, modular led module.
2. Arc-lock modularity to achieve arc, the straight edge with perfect splicing to solve the problem of traditional arcuate rental screen splicing difficulty, to achieve a dual-function use.
3. Modular control box to achieve a „within 5 seconds“ maintenance, to increase the work rate by 80% comparing with the traditional rental screen.
4. Modular power supply with dual backup function, the power supply warehouse can be quick and individual remove for maintenance.
5. Modular led module with front and backside maintenance, to be locked automatically after assembly to protect the product safety.
6. Mate magnesium alloy material with more lighter weight. Mate gets inspiration from the Greek mythology Poseidon and the science fiction aircraft bringing the user a simple future visual impact.
7. Cabinet anti-bump design.

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