Luka is a smart reading robot designed for kids aged 2-8 in China. With computer vision technology, Luka reads the children books out loud with formal accent and vivid performance, offering “turn and read” experience.
In Kid’s mind, it has to be wise enough to tell stories. Luka is inspired by the “Wisdom of Forest — Owls” in fairytales. According to a theory in Child Recognition, Kids tend to trust their animal pals. Luka crouches besides books, like a buddy of kids. Luka tells stories, sings, chats and stays with kids. When reading, Luka’s eyes are following the contents on pages, makes it alive.
With the discretion of design in usability, safety and empathy, Luka appears mellow and lifelike. Besides the pure white skin with yellow claws and beak, designers emphasize the big bright eyes of Luka with more than hundreds of emotive animations. Luka is a perfect example of arousing kid’s affection. The head and belly of Luka are interactive, by touching it, Luka will giggle and attract kids to interact. The delicacy in surfacing, makes Luka elegant. And the ingenious placement of buttons, expressing considerate thought of designers.

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