Huishi machine vision intelligent testing equipment is a precision machine vision testing system integrating optics, machinery, electricity, automation and other technologies. Designed based on actual needs, the product is capable of checking screens of various sizes within 70 inches, and can be conveniently installed into the production line. The types of testing objects for the versatile product include outer appearance defects, such as dot, line, and surface defect, as well as multiple types of function tests. With ergonomic design, the product has concise panel interface, outstanding button and knob, convenient maintenance hatch, push and pull device and safety lock, etc., which makes operation simple and safe. The product boasts a testing speed of 12-13 s/set, capable of detecting RGB sub-pixel defect, and non-stop operation of the system for 7*10 hours without any error, which ensures real time, stability and reliability. With flexible system function configuration, the product integrates a wide range of advanced technologies, including automatic control, small image processing, intelligent detection, industrial control network and multi-source signal sounding.

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