Bosch Rexroth offers electrically driven motion platforms with payloads ranging from 1.500 kg to 33.000 kg for the modern simulation market. The eMotion-6000 is an electrically driven 6dof motion platform designed for today’s higher payload range (6.000 kg) and is perfectly suitable for use in driving, flight, and other simulators.

The modern, high-quality design enables the eMotion-6000 to push the envelope in performance, efficiency, and safety. The recognizable design languages of the Rexroth eMotion family distinguish the motion simulators from its competitors, alongside emphasizing its build quality and advanced performance. The design approach is inspired by the synergy of drive and controller skills and a profound knowledge of application and function.
All motion components are part of Rexroth’s own range and have been specially designed to meet extreme robustness requirements and ensure round-the-clock machining times.

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