Simplicity in design, complexity in performance CR5000 is a user friendly, world coin, debris filtering, multi-denomination coin recycler. Simplicity runs throughout the product, the number of parts have been kept to a minimum in order to increase reliability. In total contrast to traditional metallic recyclers, CR5000 is completely polymer based, without compromising on robustness and durability. The brightly lit traffic signal style diagnostics panel, along with corresponding symbols on the individual modules leads users to the areas that are at fault, with a universal icon based interface. The contrasted touch points direct store staff to areas of interaction, where issues can be resolved with ease. CR5000 has the flexibility to deal with almost any issue. The system recycles all world coins with a unique bulk coin input which not only separates and validates coins, it actively filters debris. Coins can be re-routed from almost every area of the unit, giving the ability to fully audit its contents but also ‘keep going’ even when one area of the machine may not be functioning correctly, leading to a leap forward in coin recycling innovation, with 6 individual patents pending.

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