With dimensions of H 1045 x W 785 x D 510 mm, the new workster smartline WSL-L7 has plenty of space for tools and accessories, and is the perfect height for easy assembly tasks. The workster WSL-L7 has a generous working and storage surface plus three storage shelves for small items. Optional hook systems are available for the side walls with Euro perforation for the storage of additional tools. Its seven drawers of 640 mm width and 400 mm depth are fully extending, and each one will support up to 20 kg. The drawers are easy to operate with one hand, while the individual drawer locking system will prevent several drawers from being opened at the same time. The optionally available GEDORE tool modules 1500 CT/ES and 2005 CT are perfect for keeping order. Overall, the workster can support a maximum of 400 kg. Controlling it is easy and unproblematic with the steering handle, and the tool trolley can easily be manoeuvred around even narrow workshops while fully laden.

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