The whole product is endowed with Tough and Reliable design language and a pioneering experience.

1.The patented lateral hose reel.
The exit direction of the hose reel is changed from the traditional front and back to the left and right sides. Because the width of the cleaning machine is much larger than the distance between the front and rear, so when you pull hose reel, will effectively reduce pulling down the product.
For appearance, the design of the hose reel shell makes the whole product appear more overall harmony, rather than like the traditional Pressure Washer directly put the wire round on the machine, it is very confusing.

2. Retractable handles is convenient for users of different heights. And super storage function,like a luggage for facilitate users to quickly incorporate and use accessories.

3. Specially LED button to increase the sense of science and technology, while allowing the operation to become more relaxed and pleasant.

4. Patented high volume/high pressure pump dramatically increasing spray distance and cleaning efficiency.

5. Patented long reach high foam detergent nozzle; 5 in 1 project focused nozzle dial.

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