NEW X3 Series ULV (Ultra-Low-Volume) Sprayer is designed by HIDC. It is an innovative product that developed based on the market demand of the global livestock farming and cooperation with professional Disinfection Equipment Company.
This product is used for disinfection and immunization by air atomization, in animal husbandry breeding, hospitals and schools and other environments. It provides an innovative design direction for the disinfection products in China and the global market.
The disruptive innovation design for this product is: 1.Efficient lithium battery is built in the product, get rid of power line and increase use range. 2. Internal structure design is very compact, reduced the original wired product volume more than 30%, and more portable. 3. Innovative use platform design and development that can be replaced shell and battery box on both sides of the fuselage, to achieve expansion and upgrading of different models, and saved development costs more than 60%. 4. With a more rational and more streamlined structure of the innovative nozzle design, to achieve a full mix of air and water, increase the spray area 10% or more and improve the efficiency.

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