Wörner stoppers perform key tasks within automated assembly and transfer systems, where workpieces/pallets are transported by means of a continuously moving conveyor. Stoppers decelerate pallets at work stations and position them precisely or stop them at accumulation sections and clear them individually for further transportation. The stopper ELD-65 has an integrated, continuously variable damping system with which the pallet is gently decelerated. It therefore is particularly recommended for large pallet weights and high conveying speeds. The lowering movement to release the pallet is performed via an electromechanical drive. The stopper is designed straightforward, with a high-grade and at the same time very functional, deep black surface that has become characteristic for all Wörner products. Concise corners and edges ensure a clear design style and simplify the production. The electrically powered stopper offers tangible benefits: It is easy to install and has much higher energy efficiency than comparable pneumatically driven systems. Hence, operating costs, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions can be reduced.

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