As robotics and AI touch more areas of our daily lives, technologies are getting accessible, Wavebot was created to paint a better possible future of service robot. It carries the SLAM technology, multi-sensing ability, futuristic interface and exceptional computing skills.
We looked at the potential of these technologies and found a way to best fit these technologies in indoor environments such as retails, malls, airports or offices.

By observing and research into indoor public environments, we found the concierge or receptionists in retails, malls or airports are doing simple but repetitive works, such as general inquiries, way-finding, security concerns etc. Wavebot aims at improving efficiency and cutting labor cost in a elegant manner by taking over reception, guiding, patrolling, personnel management and telepresence jobs. This is a perfect fit for the capability of Wavebot to be effective in doing repetitive drudge works.

With the proper application of our technologies, Wavebot sees, talks and even moves autonomously, providing values to assist more effective and economic operations.

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