The intelligent Large-Screen Display Interaction Robot is developed especially for indoor halls. In combination with obstacle avoidance, way leading, face recognition and speech interaction modules, it provides companies and government with services of automated serving, brand promotion and product launch, saving costs of manpower, management and advertisement, and improving user experience.
It’s a great honor to be awarded by Red Dot, which is the most professional and authoritative industrial design award across the world. We hope our dedication and hard work can be admitted by Red Dot. One of the precious highlights is the design of curve line, which integrates contradictions of straight line and curve, softness and hardness, and opposition and harmoniousness as well. This product digs deep to the question of unity of a diversified world, reflecting the aspiration for the harmony of different religions, societies, human races and systems. Besides, the impulsion and dream of a company have also been captured and pursued so as to achieve a revolutionary combination of this design concept with function.

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