HRG Collaborative Robot is composed of mechanical arms, teaching devices and chassis. It provides safe, simple and economical automation solutions for companies, and are flexibly applied into different scenarios. It has a wider operating range due to its six 360 degrees-rotated shafts. It’s accurate to 0.1mm.
It has been optimized in size, cost, commercial value and user experience. It’s affinity in look, changing the cold image of traditional mechanical arms; it’s smaller, and more adaptable to various environment; and it’s low-cost. Its rotating shaft has common parts to improve the productivity and reduce the workload. More attention has been paid to its operation. The mechanical arms are controlled through the teaching devices. When user drags the tool end, the robot records and repeats the moving trail smartly. As a handheld product, the teaching device maximizes the sense of experience in movement, keys position, and handle’s angle and position, making the operation more comfortable. It will execute user’s commands by user’s voice or mind more smartly. The improved smart technical functions provide a great advantage for the popularization of collaborative robots.

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