SpeeDelight is a high performance professional solution for cooking hot snacks. Featured with the first and only combination of 3 cooking technologies: contact plates, infrared & microwaves, it cooks a sandwich more than three time faster than a standard press. Optimal crispiness is granted by the self adjusting upper plate, always creating the right pressure. SD has been designed to meet the three main users’ needs: the business owner, the end user, and the service agent. While the business owner will be able to create more profit, usability and ergonomy studies have been performed to simplify the end users’ workflow. The first solution we adopted is the automatic lid opening, improving ergonomy and avoiding product overcooking. Cycles are easily launched just closing the lid, while it can be opened using one finger.The UI is layered to meet the different user’s skill level. Serviceability is also made easy since internal components are accessible from all the sides. Finally, materials have been selected to improve durability and ergonomics, combining together AISI 304 with high grade polymers; customization is also guaranteed by a panel of colors according to customer’ need.

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