The Discovery WineStation® is the first automated, temperature-controlled, four bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home. The WineStation allows users to choose the right wine and just the right amount every time, be it a taste, half glass or a full glass—all with the simple touch of a finger. It not only displays and dispenses fine wines, but keeps contents tasting just as the vintner intended for up to 60 days, even after opening.

The Discovery WineStation is a new, technologically-advanced, luxury entertaining appliance that allows homeowners to enjoy the finer things in life from the comfort of their home. The WineStation alleviates a problem many wine lovers face when it comes to wanting to open multiple wine bottles at once, yet wanting to savor and preserve the contents for a later date.

The energy-efficient WineStation features a proprietary Thermo-Electric Cooling System, with a temperature range of plus or minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, designed to preserve white and red wines to each bottle’s ideal temperature. Users may also adjust pour volume settings from a one-fourth ounce taste to a full, eight-ounce glass.

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