NPM Group produces equipment intended for fast, foam-free beer dispensing into PET or glass bottles, utilizing SAVEBEER technology which involves the use of counter pressure. It ensures a consistency of beverage carbonation while dispensing without releasing CO2, which helps to preserve all the characteristics and tastes of a beverage precisely as the brewery intended. PEGAS CrafTap 3 is the new version of a unique beer dispenser for glass bottles. We have modified all the parts of the dispenser to provide you with a device for maximum convenience, quality and flourish when it comes to beer bottling. The details exposed to high stress load are made of a new eco-polymer which is stronger and lighter than brass. With CrafTap 3 it is entirely safe to pour beer into growlers using the back-pressuring method. The new carefully designed shutter mechanism guarantees that even if a glass bottle explodes, all the shatters will remain inside the housing. We have refined the fixing system to ensure maximum easiness and convenience of setting up the bottle height. Note: it is now possible to pour up to 5 different sorts of beerusing just one machine with no additional equipment!

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