LCD 500 Dual Pulse is the machine with Welnux OS which is the first deeply customized OS in welding industry. Thanks to the sensitive TP and LCD technology, we can operated smoothly even with oil stains or water droplets on the screen. Because of Welnux OS, the welding experience is unique.
Welnux OS has a personalized interface design. We created each icon to stereo vision. The icons also make a incredible and manipulable impression. Combine with modern, steel-clad and visual icons, it’s easier to understand the meaning of abstract parameter settings and selection. And in the welding parameter selection interface, metallic virtual instrument makes welding parameters more intuitive.
For users, either AUTO mode or MASTER mode can be chosen which apply to less specialized welders and specialized welders. The guided selection that combines with SYN parameters researched by our laboratory makes selection easier. Machine settings like wire cabinet light settings and fan settings make welding more humanized and more energy-efficient. System can also be updated by network, USB and WIFI.
All those makes up a perfect machine, and we are interpreting Industry 4.0 in welding industry.

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