Taglette RFID Gateway is a cloud based, humanless RFID tracking system. RFID antennas can monitor all tagged products in a store in real-time. Inventory control is done every single second automatically without a human touch. The RFID antenna which you see in the image is a robust and customizable design which looks like as part of an interior decoration of a retail store. It is easy to install. Works as Plug&Play system.

Working in line with our cloud based store management system, Tagoo ceiling antennas can locate each product and employee inside the store, all stock control is made automatically with 100% accuracy and thus store management becomes much more smart. Instead of using multiple systems to manage multiple things including security, stock control, product management, staff management, etc, by using Tagoo, companies deal with one single system and collect a very comprehensive customer data. Tagoo provides brands data including “which products are tried most”, “which ones are taken to changing room”, “which products are combined together”, “average time spent in a changing room”, “product based trial/sales reports”, etc. Provides location info up to 50 cm proximity.

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