This smoke generator alows easily detect leakages in pipes, tanks and roofs and
quickly solve stench problems without excavation and demolition work.
This new type is (with comparation of other machines):
-Portable and movable,
-easy to carry- handle, rubber wheels, compact shape
-very robust exterior (impact resistant PE body) and interior work
-IP44 Protection class
-easy to store vertically or horizontally without leaking
-all You need in one compact unit (hose and power cord are integrated)

-ECONOMICAL (easy regulation of density of smoke and speed of air fan)
-Lower price compared to professional smoke generators that are specially designed for inspection of (sewer) pipes etc.
Optionally is available with remote control and Smoke stopper (Flexible bellow to easily place hose in a pipe and to seal the pipe Ø70-250mm airtight around the smoke supply hose).

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