CE30 is a solid-state LiDAR without any mechanical rotating components, of which the main light emitting and photosensitive devices are all made by semiconductor technology. It has extreme stable and reliable performance, low cost, and is suitable for mass production. It has a 70mm*47mm*50mm volume, which is more convenient for embedded in the driverless cars with good invisibility and having no influence on the car appearance. All components are equipped with buffer layer, making the product shockproof, anti-vibration and anti-drop. The shell adopts hard anodic oxidation treatment process, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, friction resistance, good insulation and anti-adsorption property.
It has a 132*9 degree detection scope of field of view, meeting a wide range of obstacle avoiding requirements, and can accurately determine the orientation of obstacles with error less than 1 °. It can output 320*24 pixel point cloud distance data, embed obstacle avoiding algorithm, and customize obstacle avoiding area to meet the needs of different users. The detecting frequency is up to 30Hz which enables AGV and driverless cars to rapidly response to obstacle avoiding

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