This product is a smart desktop self-checkout system called “YI Smart Self-Checkout”.

Today, with the ongoing development of the market economy as well as the continuous innovation and change of people’s shopping habits, people’s pursuit for new shopping models is also becoming stronger and stronger. Since 2017, “New Retail” as a hot topic has received attention all over the world.

“YI Smart Self-Checkout” is our all-new self-checkout product. It offers a tool for traditional retailers to compete through differentiation, to improve user experience, to increase convenience and speed, and to reduce their labor cost. Functionally, what we used is the artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled “computer vision” visual recognition technology. This is an innovation that is different from traditional object recognition technologies (e.g. RFID and barcode).But it is faster and more accurate than cashiers. With that, consumers will no longer need to wait in a line for checkout. The smart self-checkout system combines hardware and software together. While serving as a checkout machine, it can also collect valuable data about customer’s shopping habits to accumulate the “big data” resource

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