VarioInspect, Eisenmann’s very first LED light tunnel, boasts a number of innovative features that support extremely effective quality control in paint shops. The LEDs are integrated into aluminum portals, and emit a uniform light that does not cast distracting shadows on the surface being inspected. As components such as auto bodies move through the tunnel, the vertically arranged light elements cast a pattern of light and dark bands on the coated surfaces. In place of conventional lighting, the system uses newly developed E LEDs, enabling fine adjustment of individual strip lights – by altering the intensity or light temperature, for example. This allows employees to detect the slightest blemish with ease. Running along a floor track in step with the component is a trolley that supplies material, water, power and compressed air for finish work. The supply lines run under the floor. The light tunnel is fully modular, and, unlike completely enclosed structures, its open design conveys a pleasant sense of space. It also reduces noise levels and echoes. The number and spacing of portals can vary according to the needs of a given environment.

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