With the “Planet V4” Supfina creates a new, product line specific design that visualizes the quality and performance of the surface treatment machines. Distinctive features are, among other things, vertical spindle arrangement and the integrated tool changer. The working area is highlighted by the dark, curved front and the large viewing area. The operating panel can be moved along the whole front of the machine, making possible optimum positioning of the user interface with its distinctive colouring. The distinctive Supfina red with its “wave” design sets the front off from the main body of the machine, whose elegantly simple, unobtrusively light-coloured metal covers house the actual machinery. The clear lines of the joints underline the direct, quick access to the maintenance-sensitive areas. The overall design of the machine is quite compact, reducing the valuable space required in production lines. A separate base is no longer necessary, making installation of the machine a lot easier and more flexible.

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