MoorMaster IPT is an Automated Mooring and Wireless Charging product that moors electric ferries whilst recharging their batteries by wireless energy transmission. The product uses vacuum holding technology which replaces the need for traditional ropes, safely reducing mooring time to less than 30 seconds. The induction plates that enable wireless power charging are installed both on the product and vessel. They are capable of transferring more than 1MW of electrical energy, some 300 times more than that of current wireless chargers used by electric cars, with high efficiency. Detecting the ferry’s approach, the MoorMaster IPT can start recharging the batteries before the mooring is complete. The design embodies two capabilities, mooring & charging, in an integrated high technology aesthetic. The control interfaces (including smart device access) & GUI are all designed with usability in mind. The system can be monitored remotely, berth side and on vessel to inform the vessels officers about the wireless charging & mooring status. This fully integrated technology increases available charging time, perfect for ferries operating with tight schedules and zero emissions.

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