Metal parts for high-end industrial applications like aerospace, medical implants, automotive and high tech industries need to meet highest mechanical requirements. Also, they need to be 100% reproducible and cost-effective to produce. Until now this was impossible. MetalFAB1 is the world’s first integrated system for additive manufacturing of high end metal parts. It builds with 10x better reproducibility, productivity and flexibility than current typical mid-range products. It can be freely configured from standard modules to serve a variety of OEM customers as well as service companies. Features include: – Build volume is among top 3 largest 3D metal printers available – Multiple large build chambers with up to four full field lasers working simultaneously – Automated handling of powder and finished products – Integrated stress relief heat treatment – Processes are fully automated, allowing for several days of multi-job autonomous operation – Despite requiring little interaction, functions are made highly transparent and safe to operators – The exterior design reflects both cutting edge technology and an industrial character that will be the future of additive manufact

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