Animated posters (GIF posters) for electronic music event in Athens promoted via Social Media. An alternative approach for promoting events in social media through animated posters. ‚Frozen‘ Posters become ‚alive‘ and tell a story! People have the opportunity to explore new characteristics in a poster concept.
The GIF posters were inspired by Monty Python’s amazing stop motion animated paper collages. The main character (our custom design) is a paper cut Matryoshka – Mother with her Cyclops child. Cyclops children is a new generation, we like to call as i – Humans. A generation that practically ‘lives inside’ wi-fi devices. The results are: GIF Poster 1: ‘My Brain Hurts!’, GIF Poster 2: ‘Dancing Teeth’, GIF Poster 3: ‘Cupid foot’.
A limited version of the GIF posters were printed as flipbooks for promotion, with the name ‚Flipping a GIF book – From a GIF poster to a flipbook‘.

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