Hype provides a software platform to leverage the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and partners helping organizations to empower and connect employees and people. Full lifecycle of innovation – with a combination of both front-end idea capture, with a robust back-end process, which is tied together seamlessly. The execution and management of results is not separated in the tool, it is part of the overall process, and feeds back to the strategic innovation areas on the front-end, adding transparency to the complete flow. This is a unique approach of HYPE, and it allows companies to simplify their approach to handling ideas, from collection, evaluation, concept development, and execution. With the Redesign and the new major release 9 of the software we set out to bring simplicity & intuitivity to a complex and highly adaptable product. We reimagined the complete user journey, build a coherent and clean user Interface that consists of modular building blocks and build cascading navigation concepts to simplify user interaction in large scale systems. Hype integrates well known ideation and design thinking methods to foster transformation.

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