The Hornschuch annual report for 2016 was the last of its kind. After the takeover by Continental AG, it will cease to exist in this form. As the most prominent characteristic of the annual report, the topic “Humanity + Product”, was reflected in the cover and acted as a common theme throughout the entire report. The design created especially for this publication “people are people” graces the cover and ensures that every annual report is unique, with a large picture cut into many smaller pictures. In keeping with the motto, the image section is comprised mainly of pictures featuring Hornschuch employees. Here special care was taken to ensure that office and production employees are equally represented. A second topic that has shaped the annual report is the interplay of tradition and the modern. Hornschuch is a company rich in tradition that still achieves success with innovative and trendy designs. In order to implement this visually and haptically, old and new types of paper are mixed (Gmund Color Composition, Gmund No Color, Lake Paper Blocker, perfect White) and different folding techniques (gate fold, letter fold, zigzag fold).

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