HERB TUBE is a Pop-Up-Garden for the windowsill. It is for those who prefer organic herbs in peat-free soil instead of buying the mass-produced supermarket ones and generate a lot of plastic waste. HERB TUBE has his roots in a University project called „Funpreneuer“. The two students who implemented their idea in just under 4 weeks, did it to make urban gardening more attractive and easier for people who have never planted seeds. We supported them free-of-charge to bring a visually extraordinary product to the market and developed the HERB TUBE Identity and the label design. It was important to us to develop a design that would make the speed of packaging visible, but also the love that is in the project! So we put on an extremely raw, urban look with carefully chosen and beautifully designed detailed illustrations. The illustrations show the green-sprawling islands in the metropolis, the utopia of their own garden – even if it is only in front of the own windowsill. The labels for the different varieties and the booklets were then created by the two themselves, and at the same time they tought themselves some InDesign. Respect!

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