Heinen Delfts Blauw is a family run business creating the famous Dutch blue & white porcelain for the hand painted artisan market & souvenirs. They are seeped in tradition but also needed to develop & grow. By entering into joint ventures with Dutch designers the traditional Delftware will be revitalised. With a new name ‘Heinen Delfts Blauw’ & new tagline: ‘creating new traditions’, a visual identity, packaging ranges & exterior branding have been developed keeping in mind their new core values of: father to son, family business, loyalty, creative, chaotic & passionate.

The Brand Mark was created from combining brush strokes & elements found on the palette of Heinen’s highly skilled painters. It is combined with a crafted Word Mark. A new set of patterns using individual & traditional brush marks taken from the famous Delfts Blue porcelain scenes give a modern twist. The chaotic aspect of all of the products, patterns & shapes is very much routed into their new identity. Communication & marketing tools work along side a range of packaging using a clear & informative labeling system for both the pre-packed souvenir ranges & the brand new designer ranges.

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