HAY was founded in 2002 with the ambition to create contemporary furniture with an eye for modern living and sophisticated industrial manufacturing.

When we started working with HAY, the challenge was to make their well-established brand come to life in the digital experience, furthermore to create a website that could reach a growing international market with new customers.

We realized that every single HAY product is based on a rich story and strong commitment. We had the privilege to bring life to these stories, balancing functionality with playfulness, simplicity and refinement. We designed a digital universe in which these stories are unfolded.

The result is an international brand site that guides, inspires and engages and introduces new customers to HAY, but also offers loyal customers the chance to get even closer to HAY. It captures the essence of the dynamic and current HAY brand through its flexible design, refined details and well-balanced transitions. At the same time, a vibrant and inspiring universe has been created that enriches the purchase experience before, during and after a visit to the physical stores.

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