Hisense Master washing machine, the original unique „1 +2“, a total of 13kg of large washing capacity, can meet the needs of all users of the laundry; independent press open small cover design is the first time in the industry, greatly enhance the convenience of products; Press-open detergent and softener automatic delivery function, more in line with the design of man-machine interaction.

The top load with front load combination washing methods, to help users develop better classification habits, which improves the safety and hygiene. 35 degree panel, man-machine friendly. 535mm super suspension front window design, enhanced the height of the door, to increase the convenience of the door and the overall sense of the product. 9.6 inch non-standard full touch control screen, user-friendly.

The automobile shock absorber design, could ensure three drums running at the same time; the industry’s first press-open top single small cover design, avoiding the possibility of water splash and foam overflow.

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