How to make a washing machine reflect Home integration?
Panasonic washing machine Cuble platinum-resistant series adopts the design concept of cabinet type, So that it can fit into any family space, and the whole home. The fashionable appearance combines the health net protection, the intelligence function brings the brand-new laundry experience to the user.
The essence of cabinet design lies in the door and fuselage.
The groundbreaking „door“ design, which replaces the traditional „window“ with a whole „door“, makes it more like an elegant cabinet than a washing machine. High-tech LED aperture can remind the end of washing in time.
Slim body design, only 585mm slim size, slim body equipped with 10Kg large inner cylinder.
Full glass door, bring art shape; fiber fuselage, bring full environmental adaptability; this is the integrated home design in line with modern taste.
Cuble is fully integrated into the home space design and a human – friendly , easy – to – use experience for comfort , pleasure , and elegant quality of life .
Fit home, better fit you!

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