ROIDMI Hand-held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, which is a simple but powerful smart cleaner. Simple cylindrical body, with a handle of a curvature of 270 degrees. It’s really a daring attempt. The handle is also the air duct. The grip is very comfortable. It’s a humanized design, easy to operate with the two switch keys that are integrated on the handle. The dust cup is easily dumped by pressing the control key. It adopts antibacterial and waterproof HEPA filter core, which can effectively filter PM2.5 dust, and can be washed easily, dray quickly with long service life. The most unique function is that it can detect the state of the dust cup, which can make the users intuitively know whether the cup is full or not through the indicator light on the handle or the APP reminder so the users will clean the cup promptly. Inside the brush there is a built-in SMD LED, which can instantly illuminate the front area when the users clean the darker corner, providing a better experience. ROIDMI Vacuum Cleaner can be connected with the mobile phone APP, and users can control the performance of the product through the phone, such as suction power adjustment, battery power, fault feedback and so on.

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