China is the hometown of tea for over 4700 years, and the custom of serving tea to show etiquette and hospitality has gradually penetrated around the world. Among numerous tea-making supplies, TEAtable is the first household appliance and has made tea brewing and tasting more graceful and simpler.
Contrast to traditional water dispenser, TEAtable has the following advantages:
1.Instant heating, which avoids repeated heating, consumes lower power and prevents second pollution from growing bacteria & incrustation;
2.Barreled drinking water can be directly placed on the bottom of the product without inversion, so that both the elderly and women can replace water barrels easily;
3.Users need not bend over, but can stand up to make tea;
4.Internally-placed water barrel allows the product to give senses of wholeness and fashion, also to be more unified with modern home styles;
5.The major white tone makes the product look purer, clearer and healthier.

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