Here’s a new product to dispose of food garbage like never before. PARIS PARIS CUBE lite is designed to dry food garbage moisture and reduce the weight. Speaking of disposing food garbage, we face many problems: bad smells and flies while keeping the refuse, heavy bin liners dripping when putting it out and animals foraging. PARIS PARIS CUBE lite has a mechanism to solve all these hassles by drying food garbage. It will keep your kitchen clean and provide comfortable living. It will improve efficiency of garbage transport and incineration to reduce the amount by drying food garbage from each household. In this way, we can also contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and protecting the earth’s future environment. The drier realizes stress-free garbage disposal. The compact body, world’s smallest class of size, lets you put it wherever you want indoor. The operating sound is quiet and the dedicated deodorant filter minimizes garbage smells during the operation. The dryer is designed to be perfectly matched for indoor use like home kitchens, to pursue its features destroying the existing shape and size of its kind and to be never recognized as a garbage disposal.

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