This product is an indoor plant grower.
It has a simple shape of a cube so that it can fit into the interior, and it has a structure that can stack several stages.
This design features a transparent window on the front and rear to maximize sunlight. Transparent color can be applied in pastel system. Touch key that acts as product control on the front and emotional product image can be produced.
The front transparent material is a ‚door‘ that can be opened and closed during plant cultivation. Reflect the rail at the upper upper side so that the door can be hindered along the rail to the body side so that it can have space efficiency.
Inside, there is a tray and a water tank for plant cultivation, and a drawer type is adopted so that water can easily be taken out when water is injected into the tank. The trays were stepped so that the plants on the back were not interfered with the plants on the front. Designed to reflect on the top of the tray as a buoy to check the water tank

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