The glass wiper is especially applicable for resident living in a building. When cleaning the external glass, the arm does not need to reach out of the window, which realizes effort-saving and safe operation by both hands, and makes glass outside the window cleaned easily. Straight bar can be disassembled and assembled conveniently, and cleaning head can be operated by grasping with hands, which is applicable for various scenes for glass cleaning.
The seemingly ordinary glass wiper has a unique floating wiping support, which innovatively realizes synchronization of wiper wiping and rubber scraper scraping, synchronous scraping and dryness, and finishes glass cleaning efficiently in one step. In addition, the angle of cleaning head can be adjusted by twisting with hand, to ensure no blind angle in glass cleaning.
The glass wiper consists of green and white plastic and silvery metal bar, which makes product present fresh and graceful beauty. Product has compact structure, and can be disassembled and assembled conveniently, and stored easily.

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