This is a double-inner-can trash can designed for indoor use, rectangle, with comfortable and rounded corners, without edge, simple and generous. Lid and barrel body applied high-quality stainless steel with brushed surface treatment, which could be integrated into a variety of indoor environments. The middle embossing strip, suggests the double barrel section trash. The inlaid red and green label, reminds users of non-recyclable and recyclable garbage location, not only to meet functional requirements, but also without undermining the overall beauty of the line. Plastic handles on both sides, apply a combination of internal and external structure to fully solve the problem of space occupying. Curved surface design good fitting both hands, helps to move more comfortable and not easy to slip. U-type stainless steel pedal, with the inner slope of the non-slip design, is more convenient and comfortable for using. The lid steadies down without sound. The inner barrel adopting the virgin PP, which applies integrated injection, is more durable and easy to clean. There is design for a storage hole at the inner can back, allowing to store the extra part of the garbage bag.

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