Trigged by traditional liquid detergent, whose process of manufacturing and transportation cause ecological wastes, Kispa designed a sensor forming dispenser for frequent hand washing households, aims at expanding environmental protection with actions in people’s daily lives. These products are consisted of dedicated soap effervescent tablets and a sensor foaming pump. With small size and light weight, the effervescent tablets help to reduce CO2 emissions from unnecessary transportation and packaging. The dispenser is make up of a upper and a bottom structures. Thanks to one-key operation of the upper cover, makes it easy enough to clean and add liquid. Also It is convenient to use: just lift the upper cover, add a tablet into the dispenser, pour in water, then magic soap liquid will come out. The built-in sensor detects movements, provides a fresh and skin-friendly experience by transforming the soap liquid into smooth foam. The device is battery powered, charged one time can work 6 months, refillable and operates completely silently. Moreover, it harmoniously blends in with any kind of interior decoration for families around the world.

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