Zehnder ComfoAir Q is a new generation of ventilation units that are more efficient, even quieter and more intelligent. The latest findings and current requirements, combined with Zehnder’s experience in comfortable indoor ventilation of over 75 years, have been incorporated into the product range development. In the development of the new Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation units, special emphasis was placed on user benefits. This was achieved by improving power efficiency, lowering noise emissions and optimising ease of use with an intuitive display. The modern, timeless design sets new standards, with a real-time indicator on the unit that shows all the operation data the user needs and makes them more aware of how much energy they are consuming. State-of-the-art design, combined with intelligent technology, make Zehnder ComfoAir Q the best product available on the market. A large number of innovations enable optimum acoustic performance, even better heat recovery and particularly low energy consumption. As a result, Zehnder ComfoAir Q provides outstanding comfort for a perfect room climate with maximum energy efficiency.

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