The Wired Remote Controller by Daikin strives to make controlling your home climate simple and efficient.
The formerly complex interfaces have been replaced by a complete newly designed controller to enhance the user experience.
The basic settings follow the principle: „reduce to the max“ and concentrate on relevant information only. Three touch buttons and simple interfaces make adjustments by the user easy and intuitive.
Advanced settings or commissioning can be done conveniently using the smartphone App.
The sleek design considers the architectural context by its rectangular outline and clean surfaces, resulting in an unobtrusive appearance in the interior. Different colors allow to match diverse environments.
The centered „Daikin Eye“ is a key visual characterizing the Daikin Brand and is found at all other products and the Daikin App. Its discreet blue light circle communicates the status of the device.
DAIKIN´s state of the art technology is undermined by high reliability and material quality and design to grant users a lasting and sustainable experience.

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