Now, there’s a lot of bad gas in the Chinese interior, and the overall effect of smoking and carbon dioxide makes indoor air really bad. At the same time, the air pollution is worsening, making people unable to open Windows. Winshell is a smart window type exhaust fan designed to solve the indoor air environment and improve the health of people in the new era. It can be installed in the ventilation alone is bad or there are smokers of glass or the outside wall of the room. It can also be used with air purifiers or Fresh air purifier. drainage fresh air to the bedroom, make fresh air covering the whole house.
The appearance of Winshell is simple and beautiful, and the whole body adopts aerospace grade aluminum magnesium alloy material, which is hard and light. It USES a 12V voltage and is safer to use. It has three winds, the maximum air volume can reach 100 meters cubed/h, but the power consumption is extremely low. It is equipped with PM2.5 sensors to monitor indoor PM2.5 concentration in real time and control air volume according to concentration. And we control the noise at 20 decibels, the wind is gentle and gentle. It also has a WIFI module that connects to the APP.

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