The „Ego“ ventilation system manages two functions, indoor ventilation and venting in one device. Despite the minimal components, the design covers the maximum requirements of a modern, ventilation system.
It is energy efficient not only because of its heat recovery, but also through its sustainable housing concept. The design is so conceive that the device has an identical housing for the inside and outdoor use. Only the side panels are designed to suit specific requirements.

A special feature is the cover of the honeycomb lattice of the housing in the living room. If the device is switched off the user can easily attach a neon-colored magnetic sheet from the inside to the honeycomb lattice as a visual feedback to avoid the minimum residual air exchange during long absences.

The housing for outdoor has a lamellar side shields. This design feature protects the unit against splash water and gives the device a unique, robust and compact design. The unique ventilation control device “TAC” belongs in the simple and factual style. This unit completes with its energy saving e-link display the energy efficient from the ventilation. The design of the ego and TAC is timeless but modern.

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