The U-Fan is a highly portable handheld fan, featuring an unique U-bracket design, marking a significant departure from conventional handheld fan designs. The U-bracket allows for reduced product dimensions for storage, and doubles as a multi-purpose handle that can be used as a means of dangling or tail stands on desktop, making it ideal in a vast number of scenarios, minimalist and trendy design specifically aims at the younger demographic.

U-fan is a new portable hand fan, innovative U-shaped handle changed the traditional way of fan holding.

When folded, U-fan is compact, easy to store, solve the problem that other hand fans cause.

When unfolded, U-fan is convenient to use, U-shaped handle can also be used as a hook, so that users can have hands free to manage other things.

When folded at 45 degrees, U-fan can be placed on the desktop, becoming desktop fan, meeting various user’s needs.

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