In recent years, families are exposed to the haze outdoor and the formaldehyde indoor in China. This window-borne system is born out of the unoptimistic time of air environment. The biggest difference between Tsingkong3 and the traditional indoor purification is that Tsingkong3 has the function of ventilation, which not only gets rid of PM2.5, but also removes formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and supplements oxygen. It is no need to open the window for the air but just to run the machine for ventilation in haze days. Only the flowing clean air is the healthy air. Besides, the structure of Tsingkong3 could match most types of windows in China, the height of which could be adjusted freely. The four choices of height, which are 870-1020mm, 1020-1170mm, 1170-1320mm, 1320-1470mm, could satisfy most of the common window heights in China. Furthermore, it can be easily put upon and taken away from the window and is no need to destroy the wall. Tsingkong3 can also be heated which is an extra option for customers especially in cold regions. Moreover, it is a smart machine, the air parameters of which could be showed and controlled by cell phones.

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