Air pollution in modern life often induces human being getting running nose and other relative allergic symptoms. By seeing pain points, Coactive Innovation generates an idea to provide really fresh air for personal purpose. While air purifier become compact personal size, human being could enjoy the convenience in many occasions, such as close-to baby’s bed, office desktop, car, shoe cabin, bathroom, hospital, coffee shop, and within a refrigerator.

Luft is ”Clean”, “Agile” and “Pure”. We design Luft is light, smart and simple shape. It owns variety colors, and also the use laser engraving technology to customize the needs of users. The main material and metal mesh adopt Green Environmental Recycling.

Luft is decomposing harmful aero-materials, but not absorbing base at all which needs to frequently change consumables. It equips UV LED and naro-photocatalyst that produces Hydroxide free radical and Superoxide ion. It is light sterilizations and consumable-free.

The ultimate design makes it enables easy-carry, lightweight, zero-consumable, extremely low-energy-input. Owing to clean and environmental design and technology, Luft is built as your personal air purifier.

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