The Dark Knight Filter-free Air Purifier
To this day, most market-available air purifiers appear as „large, white waste bins“ that rumble and grind when turned on. Our independently-designed, revolutionary air purifier, however, is a robust yet concise product that was moulded by the combined touch of tech and elegance. We name it the the Dark Knight.
It’s extremely quiet with a noise of only 16 db like a leaf falling on the ground. The design of a long, slender and angled shape brings the impression of an elegant and resolute knight with a black armor. The angle in the front not only shows explicitly the direction air goes, but also reveals a powerful sense of force. Dark gray black color with matte finish demonstrates its unique personality. The base carved from a whole piece of aluminum alloy is rich in a sense of quality.
Compared with conventional models, it is totally different from inside to outside. With unique temperament, cell-level purification, a quietness of the falling leaves, life-long nonchange filter, the Dark Knight silently guards your every breath.

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